Friday, February 8, 2013

Oracle 12c new features

See in the link below some new feature available in the upcoming version of Oracle DBMS, 12c.

What I like:

- Cascade for TRUNCATE and EXCHANGE partition.
- Multiple partition operations in a single DDL
- Online move of a partition(without DBMS_REDEFINTIION).
- Interval  + Reference Partitioning.
- If the optimizer notices the cardinality is not what is expected, so the current plan is not optimal, it can alter subsequent plan operations to take allow for the differences between the estimated and actual cardinalities.
- The stats gathered during this process are persisted as Adaptive Statistics, so future decisions can benefit from this.
- Information Lifecycle Management: Uses heat map. Colder data is compressed and moved to lower tier storage. Controlled by declarative DDL policy.

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